I offer several affordable agreement plans to suit your budget and needs:



Begin with this plan if you’re new to working with a virtual assistant, you’d like occasional help, or don’t know how much time you’ll use from month-to-month.
How It Works: Send tasks my way as and when you’d like my help. I’ll track the time you’ve used and send you an invoice at the end of each month. You only pay for the time I actually spend on each task; no rounding up by 15 minutes or more.


If you have a regular set of tasks that you want to offload then I have great news! Pick one of the following retainer plans and you’ll receive a *discounted* rate plus reserved time and priority status over pay-as-you-go clients:



  • 5 hours/month
  • $32/hour



  • 10 hours/month
  • $30/hour



  • 20 hours/month
  • $28/hour
How It Works:
Decide how many hours per month you’d like reserved and then prepay those hours at the discounted rate. I track how much time I spend on each task and then deduct it from your prepaid time. I’ll let you know if you are going to go over your prepaid hours so you don’t get any unexpected surprises. If you still have time remaining close to the end of the month then I’ll encourage you to send more work my way so your prepaid time doesn’t go unused.

Will you be stuck with the same plan indefinitely?
No. If we find that you are consistently needing more or less time we can switch your plan to something that better suits your needs. You won’t be tied in to anything long-term that doesn’t work for you.

What if you don’t see a retainer plan that works for you?
Depending on my current workload I may be able to offer you more hours. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

(all rates shown are in U.S. Dollars)