Hi I’m Linda, a Brit living the American Dream plus the face and brains behind Clockwise Virtual Assistance. Before launching my solo VA business in 2011, I was a corporate Executive Assistant and supported executives for over 10-years. Now I happily manage a small but loyal client base from my home office in Arizona, taking care of their lifestyle management tasks whenever I’m needed. I don’t BS about my skills or abilities and won’t take on anything that isn’t in my wheelhouse. My clients depend on me to deliver as promised and boy do I take that seriously. Referrals have built my business; I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Why Do Clients Hire Me?
Usually for work-life balance. They could use an extra pair of hands to handle those pesky tasks that take valuable time out of their busy day. Tasks that can be handed off to someone they trust – whether they take 5 minutes or longer.

  • Gift ideas and ordering presents
  • Research flight options and make travel arrangements
  • Coordinating special events and parties
  • Management of a crazy schedule
  • Fielding emails and general inquiries
  • Sending reminders for special events and birthdays
  • Brainstorming business ideas
  • Schedule checkups and doctor visits for you, your family or pets
  • Research competitive and reputable moving companies
  • Update your mailing address with your online accounts when you get to your new digs
  • Create a list of cool new restaurants to try and make reservations for date night
  • Track down medical records and compile them into an organized filing system
  • Hunt for used office furniture on Craigslist. Arrange for pickup
  • Find and vet potential contractors, then set up the initial consultations with you
  • Pick out flower arrangements and arrange delivery
  • Order groceries and a custom cake to be delivered for a special event
  • Come up with a list of interactive party ideas to keep your guests entertained
  • Whatever else you can think of that can be done remotely online and is not illegal or unethical

Why Work With Me:
My clients can probably tell you best (click to read client testimonials) but here are some other good things to consider:

  • You have as-needed assistance with no long-term commitment or employee costs
  • You pay for actual time spent on a task, not in 15-minute or more increments
  • A signed services agreement assures everything is kept professional and above-board
  • I’m trustworthy with sensitive information. In fact, I insist on a mutual non-disclosure agreement for both our protection
  • I deliberately maintain a small client base so everyone gets the personal attention that they deserve
  • Responsive turn-around times and very competitive rates

Interested In Learning More?
Great, then let’s talk so we can figure out if I’ll be a good match for you. In addition to me being the right fit skill-wise we also need to find out if we have good rapport with one another. Trust and open communication are crucial to a successful client and virtual assistant partnership.